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Home of the indescribable, or maybe I was just lazy or forgot.


Well here I am, jumping into my first foray in the great world of blog. I’m sure like many before me, I’m feeling more anxiety than I expected to when I first started planning to make this thing. I’m just hoping that I can carve out my own little corner of the cesspool to try to build an island on. Here goes…

The last couple of years of my life have seen incredible change, inside and out. I suppose some might call it “finding yourself”. I would have to say that I find those words to be rather insipid, like something from a trashy, pop-psychology self-help book, but it will have to do for now until we invent something better 😉

To give you a small idea, I’ve gone from being an insecure, judgemental but intellectually passive authoritarian religious right-winger, to an actively questioning, thinking, feeling, happy person who’s learning to celebrate in the marvelous function of his own mind.

I felt the impulse to dish out some labels for myself at this point to help you identify me, but in my own mind at least I think I defy them to a fair degree. In fact I think that might be a topic for an upcoming blog… “Ideas are more important than labels”. You’ll have you chance to flame me if that’s your thing, but I prefer to make you work for it 😉

I expect most of what I have to say here to be about consciousness: politics, philosophy, beliefs, psychology, sociology, even spirituality and every other way in which we navigate our world with these marvelous organs between our ears.

At any rate, I think I’ve learned a few things, and have something to offer and so intend to stay here until I think otherwise. I hope you’ll stay a while, share your thoughts, challenge mine and with any luck be inspired to think.

Until I get another hour to sit still, Adieu!

– Prodigeek